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Applepuncture's mission is to empower individuals and families in the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual life​ in order to promote greater life mobility and the realization of love. 


KRISTIN GREY APPLE, MFA, MS, LAc, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Owner


Kristin Apple is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, certified by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners. She completed her clinical training and received her Master of Science degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC.

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Before discovering Acupuncture, artistic exploration was my life's work. I majored in Studio Art at Davidson College with a concentration in Painting. I went on to receive my MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where I eventually became fascinated with time-based media. As an adjunct professor at Lehigh University and Penn State, my interest was in facilitating first the focus and then the translation of the nebulous, ethereal, perhaps elusive into the palpable. I still feel very passionate about assisting others in the realization of desires into tangible reality.


When I first experienced Acupuncture, I knew immediately that it was an extraordinary and consequential medicine. Not only did I find out that it really works to harmonize the whole person and to alleviate symptoms; I also first-handedly experienced its invitation to participate in the therapeutic process. Perhaps you can understand the resounding parallel between creative interests and what it means to be an Acupuncturist. The creative interface and process is just as present between the patient and the practitioner, and between one’s own health and oneself.


I knew I needed to enter the field of medicine and specifically practice Acupuncture because life itself is a creative process and inherently involves periods of chaos and order. Our own bodies are the most substantial and intimate artworks we encounter. Each body is a live artwork, both subject to a mysterious unfolding and also ready and able to participate and make choices.

SPECIALIZATION: Musculoskeletal Pain, Sports Medicine, Women's Wellness, Fertility, OBGYN, Pediatrics, PTSD

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LEE SCHWALB, MS, LAc, CH, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Associate Acupuncturist

Lee Schwalb is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and medical intuitive with over twenty years of clinical experience. He maintains a private practice in Manhattan and is licensed to practice acupuncture in New York and Pennsylvania. Lee received his clinical training and received his Master of Science degree at the New York College where he studied with some of the top clinicians in the world. His other trainings include aromatherapy, Kambo detox therapy and Chinese herbology. He’s also a trained Sommelier. 


Before my life as an Acupuncturist, I was studying business and social science at SUNY Albany. After graduating from College, my father told me he was receiving acupuncture to help with his insomnia. I knew nothing about acupuncture except what I saw in the movies.  After seeing his improvement I became very curious and one year later I enrolled in acupuncture school. 


After years of practicing, I decided to accept a position as a cruise ship acupuncturist which allowed me to sail around the world and educate people on the benefits of holistic medicine as well as offer my acupuncture services. It was a dream come true!


Several years ago I was called to dive deeper into my path as a healer. I decided to travel to the Amazon jungle of Peru to partake in an ancient healing ritual using a plant medicine called Ayahuasca. Shamans have used this plant for centuries as a tool for self healing and to help raise the consciousness of humans. I came back from that experience a different person and gained a new perspective on heath and healing. 



My experience with acupuncture was life changing. I suffered with depression for as long as I could remember and after my first treatment I felt a profound and immediate shift. I knew I had discovered a tremendously powerful modality and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world!


I incorporate acupuncture, herbal medicine, breathwork and meditation to assist his patients on the path to self healing. I believe that in order to be healthy you must have a balance of free flowing energy throughout the mind and body.  My techniques have been used successfully with thousands of patients over the last two decades. I specialize in helping patients understand the connection between their emotional body and their physical body. When these two are balanced and in harmony, heath and well-being are the result.

SPECIALIZATION: Musculoskeletal Pain, Digestive Disorders, Men’s Reproductive Health, Emotional Wellness.

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