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Kasey Smith Applepuncture Acupuncturist


DOM, MAS, MA, LAc, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine


Kasey Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania, certified by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine.  She completed her clinical training and received her Doctorate of Oriental Medicine and Master of Acupuncture Studies degrees from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.  


I grew up within a family that emphasized a reverence for nature and our place within it.  This included an understanding and use of natural healing modalities, and a holistic view of the self which aligns well with the Eastern Medicine I am now practicing.

Before studying acupuncture I studied philosophy and psychology at Moravian University.  I wanted to understand and help others, but this also requires inquiry within.  I was always drawn to Eastern as well as Native American philosophies, which led me toward the focus of Environmental Ethics.  I went on to receive my MA in Environmental Policy from Lehigh University.  Although this is something I will always be passionate about, it is also true that beginning a healthy relationship with the way you relate to the environment begins with yourself.  I ended up studying and teaching yoga as well as meditation for several years, every step of which brought me to the practice of acupuncture.  I watched acupuncture help those around me to the point where I needed to know more.



My fascination with the many years of wisdom inherent in the practice of acupuncture and Eastern Medicine as a whole walked me through and out of a lifelong fear of needles.  As someone who experienced the buildup of many years of anxiety, the relief of acupuncture was reminiscent of the relief I found through hiking or meditation.  Acupuncture encourages the patient to address the physical and subtle elements of the question of what in my life is preventing me from aligning with my truest self every single day.  The study of Eastern Medicine provided me an avenue for healing I am grateful to be able to walk down with others.


I embrace this medicine’s approach that the self is and always has been whole.  Starting from this idea, it is possible to gain the awareness of the incredible healing capacity of the body, which is always there although the stresses of life can cloud this innate knowledge.  These stresses of modern life can manifest in myriad ways within the body, but I find acupuncture is one of the best tools to open the windows and let in fresh air once again.

Specializations: Autoimmune Disorders, Digestive Health, Anxiety and Depression, Musculoskeletal Pain, Five Element Acupuncture

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