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Morgan received her initial training and certification as an end-of-life doula (also known as a death doula) from Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, where she continued on to volunteer on their palliative care floor. She has since completed several nationally recognized end-of-life doula programs, as well as specialty courses around topics such as green burial, dementia care, and legacy projects. She is a member of the National End-of-Life Doula Association, holding their proficiency badge in doula work. Additionally, Morgan is a proud representative of Bucks County in The Philly End-of-Life Doula Collective. 


My background lies in providing at-home caregiving and companionship to individuals of diverse ages, cognitive abilities, and physical capacities. Beginning this work at a young age ignited in me a lifelong passion for connecting with people who have a wide variety of lived experiences and wisdom.


My love of learning about all different types of people simultaneously led me to acting. After receiving my MFA in acting from NYU, I worked as an actress in NYC for a decade while continuing my career as a professional caregiver. However, it wasn’t until I cared for my mother throughout her dying process in 2016 that it became abundantly clear that working in the death and dying space was where my passion lay.

Now nestled in the Bucks County woods, I feel elated to continue my art and doula work, which consistently feed into one another. 


Life and death are inextricably intertwined, but our culture’s fear of death and dying is doing us a great disservice. I believe that by facing death head on, we are honoring the beauty of life and learning about what it means to be truly alive. Additionally, it helps to ensure more meaningful and peaceful passings for loved ones and yourself. 



My mission is to help you feel more prepared and at peace with death and dying, which will ultimitely allow you to feel more fully present in life. 

We will spend 90 minutes together, working towards creating your unique comfort care plan. You will leave with a better understanding of death, helpful resources, and the knowledge that you have given a huge gift to yourself and those around you by being prepared. You will also have a relationship with an end-of-life doula who can serve as your support in the future. 

This service is perfect for those who are thinking of hiring an end-of-life doula in the future, contend with death anxiety, or would like to feel more prepared around end of life issues, no matter how near or far away that is. It is very common to leave this session with a sense of lightness and peace.

You can learn more about my comprehensive end-of-life doula services at

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